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Want to meet other students with similar academic or personal interests? Looking to improve your leadership skills? Get involved with campus life and join a club or organization! Your college career can be greatly enhanced by experiences outside the classroom. Leadership opportunities are available within every student organization on campus. Participation in a student organization will allow you to gain skills in event planning, marketing, budget management, communication and more. There is no better way to get to know people and to become an integral part of the Stockton community.

Stockton University Hazing Policy

Sanctions at Stockton University
In cases of individual violators, appropriate student conduct action may be imposed as outlined in The Student Organizations Manual and the Stockton Student Handbook. In cases where organizations have been involved in such conduct, loss of privileges, temporary suspension of registration, or termination of registration may be imposed. The Student Code of Conduct is the university's process for dealing with complaints within the community. Individuals and/or organizations may also be subject to the actions of local, state, or federal police agencies.