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Welcome to Stockton University Fraternity & Sorority Life!

With almost 800 members, we hope that you will find the Stockton fraternity and sorority community has a home for everyone. Going to college means encountering new and exciting opportunities in an environment you may not be used to, and joining a fraternity or sorority may be a great chance to help you find a home away from home.

You will find our fraternities and sororities range in focus, but ultimately dedicate themselves to service, philanthropy and bettering its members. As a member, you will create lifelong friendships, strengthen academic skills, grow through leadership and service in a community of shared values, and of course, have a lot of fun!

Please take the opportunity to read our latest annual report on the fraternity and sorority community.


Our Mission

Fraternity and Sorority Life at Stockton University serves to develop college students in the areas of civic responsibility, leadership development, and personal growth. 

We strive to foster an environment that expects, encourages and rewards academic excellence.

We strive to empower students to make a positive difference in the Stockton, local and worldwide community through promoting volunteerism, service and philanthropic efforts.

We strive to foster positive relationships with administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni(ae), headquarters and other partners in order to encourage a unified campus community and network.

We strive to challenge thinking, promote diversity and cultivate personal development.

Our Core Values                       

Academic Achievement

Civic Responsibility

Leadership Development

Personal Growth

Lifelong Friendships

Each chapter is assessed annually in these areas through our Growth & Recognition Plan.   

Chapter Conduct

An important aspect of fraternity and sorority life is being held accountable for your actions so that you may grow from them.

Check here for chapter sanctions and status notices.

If you have any questions about any of these incidents, or if you have questions about the Fraternity and Sorority or Stockton University conduct policies and procedures, please contact the Office of Student Development.

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