Stockton at Manahawkin

Fall 2013 in Manahawkin Instructional Site
The following classes are offered in Manahawkin for the Fall of 2013

GAH      2349-001 Cold War in Film & Television M 1:00pm-4:50pm Course Description
GNM     1136-001 Science of Forecasting Waves M 6:00pm-9:50pm Course Description
GIS       3349-091 Car Culture in America M 6:00pm-9:00pm Course Description
CMDS   1101-004 Phonetics MW 3:00pm-4:50pm Course Description
GSS      3360-091 Schools of the Future T 2:30pm to 4:20pm Course Description
HLTH    1101-006 Intro to Health Sceinces T 6:00pm-9:50pm Course Description
CMDS   2115-003 Language Acquisition TR 9:00am-10:50am Course Description
CMDS   3123-002 Language Disorders TR 12:00pm-1:50pm Course Description
PSYC    2212-002 Health Psychology TR 2:00pm-3:45 Course Description
GNM     2129-001 Ocean Planet: Where River Meets Sea TR 3:50pm-5:50pm Course Description
HLTH    1411-002 Writing & Editing for the Health Sciences TR 6:00pm-7:50pm Course Description
MGMT  3110-005 Introduction to Management TR 8:00pm-9:50pm Course Description
SOCY   1100-093 Introduction to Sociology R 6:00pm-7:50p Course Description


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