Manahawkin Courses

Stockton at Manahawkin


Course Name Day(s) Time Faculty


Baseball in Film M 12:00PM-2:30PM Deb Dagavarian
Intro to Management M 6:00PM-7:50PM Shawn Zakar
GNM 1136-001 Science of Forecasting Waves M 3:35PM-7:50PM  David Werner
GIS 3349-091 Car Culture in America W 3:35PM-5:25PM Arnaldo Cordero-Roman
GSS 2722-091 Law and Social Change W  6:00PM-7:50PM Karen Garcia
GIS 3600-001 Holocaust & Genocide MW  8:30AM-10:20AM Doug Cervi
CSIS 1206-012 Statistics MW 3:35PM-5:25PM Gina Romano
HLTH 2305-092 Stats for Health Professionals T 6:00PM-9:50PM Richard Grandrino
HLTH 2411-094 Informatics for Health Science T 12:45PM-2:45PM Sombudha Adhikari
HLTH 1102-006 Intro to Health Sciences II T 6:00PM-9:50PM Mary Gibson
HLTH 1241-003 Medical Terminology for Health R 3:50PM-5:50PM Courtney Mack
CRIM 2121-003 Police Behavior & Organization R 6:00PM-9:50PM Glenn Miller
HLTH 2221-002 Functional Human Anatomy R 6:00PM-9:50PM Jeffrey Levin
HLTH 3412-001 Eastern Approach to Nutrition TR 10:30AM-12:20PM Anthony Dissen
GNM 2129-001 Ocean Planet: Where the River Meets the Sea TR 3:50PM-5:50PM John Wnek
PSYC 2212-001 Health Psychology TR 2:00PM-3:40PM Doreen Greenberg