28' R/V Gannet

Marine Field Station

The College commissioned an Evans Boat Builder's custom 28’ x 10.5’ Chesapeake Bay deadrise workboat in Spring 2009.  The Chesapeake Bay deadrise is a classic workboat suited well for estuarine and near-coastal waters.  The new vessel has increased the program's capabilities for coastal research and teaching activities by providing a larger platform and by adding ocean-going capabilities to the existing fleet.

College staff and outside vendors completed the rigging of the vessel in early 2009.  The vessel is powered by a pair of 225hp outboard motors and a 3.5 kW diesel generator.  The vessel features many custom aspects geared toward research and education activities with Stockton students, faculty and visitors.   The R/V Gannet will be used for numerous courses and research activities stemming from the Marine Science and Biology programs, including Scientific Diving, Underwater Survey Methods, Underwater Remote Sensing, Fisheries courses, Marine Geology and others.

Equipment available to faculty and students aboard the R/V Gannet will include; otter trawls, oyster dredges, plankton nets, ponar bottom grabs, vibracore, multi-parameter water monitoring instruments, hydrographic surveying instruments, side scan sonar and remotely operated vehicle.

The newest vessel to Stockton's fleet has been named after one of our most impressive cold-season coastal birds, Morus bassanus, the gannet.  Gannets frequent New Jersey's near-coastal and offshore waters during the cool seasons.  They are capable of diving from hundreds of feet up in the air and plummeting to depths over 50 feet to capture schooling fish such as herrings, sardines and others.