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In 2000 a Campbell Scientific Instruments (CSI) Meteorological Monitoring Station was purchased using Coastal Research Center and Field Station funds. The initial goal was to supplement the water quality data collection with local weather data and make available this data to faculty, students and the public. It was discovered that the new met station would serve the Reserve’s meteorological data needs as well. In 2002 a proposal to the JC NERR for the collection of long term water and meteorological data was funded. The JC NERR placed additional sensors on the tower and an annual contract period and long-term partnership between the College and the JC NERR has been established. Stockton staff and student interns are responsible for the year-round data collection.

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The CSI met station consists of the CR1000 datalogger, the Young 5103 wind sensor, the Licor 190SB solar radiation sensor, the CS105 barometric sensor, the HMP45C temperature and relative humidity sensor and the TE525 tipping bucket rain gauge. The met station is connected to a dedicated, dual hard drive computer located in the Field Station Manager’s office. The dedicated computer dials in and collects data once daily.

For additional information on the met station specifications and data collection protocol, including specific year's metadata, request the metadata file. Archived meteorological data from 2002-2007 and a description of the site (metadata) can be found on the NERR's Central Data Management Office website. Raw data can be requested by contacting the principal investigator.

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