Staff & Faculty

Marine Science  Feild Station

On-site Staff

Steve Evert - Field Station Manager
B.S. Biological Oceanography, Florida Institue of Technology
M.A., Instructional Technology, Richard Stockton College
U.S.C.G. Master license - United States Coast Guard
Current research;  Nacote Creek Weather Data, ROV and Side Scan Operations

Elizabeth Bick-Zimmerman - Program Assistant
B.S. Marine Science, Richard Stockton College
M.A., Instructional Technology, Richard Stockton College
Current research; Nacote Creek Water Quality 

Nathan Robsinson - Research Vessel and Equipment Technician
B.S. Marine Science, Richard Stockton College
Marine operations, marine surveying, vessel maintenance and outfitting                         

Associated Faculty

Rudolf G. Arndt
Ph.D.(Cornell University) - Professor Emeritus, Adjunct Professor
Ichthyology, estuarine ecology, blue crab biology, vertebrate zoology, ecology, behavior, herpetology, nature photography.

Tait Chirenje
Ph.D. (University of Florida) - Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
urban geochemistry, environmental chemistry.

Stewart C. Farrell
Ph.D. (University of Massachusetts at Amherst) - Professor Emeritus
Estuarine hydrography and intertidal sediment structure, beach morphology and physical processes affecting shoreline dynamics, coastal zone planning and storm hazard mitigation for New Jersey coastal communities. Computer mapping and NJ beach profile data management is part of the work performed by the Stockton Coastal Research Center.

Gordan Grguric
Ph.D.(Florida Institute of Technology) - Associate Professor of Marine Science
Seawater aquarium chemistry, redox processes, interstitial water, physical and chemical modeling of closed sea water systems. Research page.

Richard P. Hager
Ph.D.(University of New Hampshire) - Associate Professor of Marine Science
Marine ecology, general and population ecology, invertebrate zoology, biology of amphipod crustaceans, ecology of beaches.

Matthew Landau
Ph.D.(Florida Institute of Technology) - Professor of Marine Science
Aquaculture, fisheries management, crustacean biology, general evolutionary theory, comparative physiology and toxicology, biometry, biochemistry.

Doreena Patrick
Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania)- Assistant Professor of Geology
Teaching: Marine Geology, Sedimentary Geology and Stratigraphy, Advanced Marine Geology, Coastal Processes, Historical Geology

Research: Rare Earth Element and Trace element geochemistry and mineralogy of fossil bioapatite (paleoenvironmental interpretation and fossil provenience) , Trace element geochemistry and mineralogy of shales, Trace element geochemistry of Florida Pleistocene Deposits, Geochemistry of depositional environments.

Jessie Jarvis
Ph.D. (College of William & Mary, Virginia Institute of Marine Science) –  Assistant Professor of Marine Science
Ecology of estuarine and coastal shallow water environments vegetated with submersed aquatic vegetation (SAV); relationships between SAV systems and environmental factors which limit their growth, reproduction, survival, and restoration.

Research page.

Peter F. Straub
PhD (University of Delaware)- Professor of Biology
Marine Biotechnology, environmental gene regulation, coastal and estuarine ecology, scientific diving.

Research page.

Mark C. Sullivan
Ph.D. (University of Miami) – Assistant Professor of Marine Science Ecology of early stage fishes in estuarine / continental shelf environments, implications of climate change on fish recruitment, impacts of mobile fishing gear on seafloor habitats, American eel early life history.
Research page.

George Zimmermann
Ph.D. (Rutgers, The State University) - Professor of Environmental Studies
Forest ecology, forest management, quantitative methods in ecology.