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Day of Teaching

Stockton celebrated teaching for two days in October, and it was a wonderful time of sharing amongst colleagues. 

 Dr. Christine Harrington, co-author of the book Dynamic Lecturing: Research-Based Strategies to Enhance Lecture Effectiveness made her presentation available to the faculty

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Talking Stock

The Talking Stock Podcast is an opportunity for you to hear ideas about teaching, scholarship and service, shared by colleagues. Each episode has a theme and a guest speaking about a topic of interest to faculty. 

Hosted by the IFD Director, Doug Harvey, each episode runs from between 15 - 20 minutes. Ideal for listening on your phone while in your car, on the train, or taking a walk. Or take a break from your work and listen on your computer. Subscribe using the links above, and catch up on past episodes.

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The Institute for Faculty Development (IFD) at Stockton University is a resource to support effective pedagogy and productive scholarship for all faculty members. The IFD works with faculty to develop services and resources to assist them in the pursuit of their goals for excellence in teaching, research, and service. Assessment of student learning is inexorably linked to good teaching, as the former is a measure of the latter. The Institute for Faculty Development conducts workshops and offers the following in-house resources on teaching, scholarship, and student learning.


Peer observations of teaching 


A colleague trained to observe and provide formative feedback on your teaching in both face-to-face and online classes will provide you with a summary of your strengths as an instructor and give you ideas for enhancing your practice going forward. These observations are confidential, and you may choose whether or not to use them in official evaluations of your performance.

Faculty Fellows

A program that supports peer-to-peer consultations between faculty.


Teaching Circles

Small groups of faculty who collaborate together to develop expertise around a professionally relevant topic. Typically meeting once per month during the fall and spring semesters 

Seminars and Workshops

The IFD sponsors regular events designed to provide faculty with information and training on a range of topics relevant to teaching, scholarship and service. Other campus offices also offer events related to faculty development. Check our calendar of events for information on dates, times, and places.

After a seminar you can find resources and links, including audio and video recrdings if available by going to our IFD Seminars notes page.


Social Media

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