The Wellness Center
Wellness Center

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is comprised of four departments, Counseling Services & Alcohol and Drug Education, Disability Services (LAP), and Community Wellness and Health Education (formerly Health Services), and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Center.

Counseling Services & Alcohol and Drug Education 

Counseling Services & Alcohol and Drug Education 609.652.4722

Counseling Services provides free, short-term counseling and referral services to Stockton students. Counseling is a process which allows a person to explore issues, deal with feelings, and consider alternatives in a supportive atmosphere with a professional who will listen and provide feedback.

The Alcohol and Drug Education program provides confidential counseling, assessment and referral services for students who are concerned about their substance use/abuse or are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs.

Community Wellness and Health Education

Community Wellness and Health Education (formerly Health Services) 609.652.4701

Through a partnership with AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, Community Wellness is staffed by one physician, two nurse practitioners, and two registered nurses.  Community Wellness is an acute care clinic, located in West Quad 108, open to all currently enrolled Stockton students with no fees or insurance required for the services rendered.  

In addition to the clinic, Community Wellness and Health Education also has a Nutritionist, two Health Educators, and His and Her Healthy Options.  

Disability Services (LAP) 

Learning Access Program 609.652.4988

A team of professionals in the Learning Access Program is available to assist Stockton students and faculty so that individuals with physical, learning and/or psychological disabilities can participate fully in the life of the College community.

Services provided through this office (and through referral to other offices) include: 

  • Coordination of services and resources for students with disabilities
  • Testing Accommodations
  • Academic Accommodations
  • Auxiliary Aids
  • Housing Assistance
  • Text Help Read & Write Gold 
Peer Education

Peer Education 

Peer Education is a student-led program that seeks to promote wellness to the entire student body.  Peer Educators present information on various health related topics, values, and activities including drug, alcohol and tobacco use, and sexual health education.  Peer Educators are positive role models on campus who promote healthy and safe behaviors, reinforce social norms, and act as approachable resources to all students who are looking for guidance on health and wellness.


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The mission
of the Wellness Center is to encourage the pursuit of healthier lifestyles, balancing study, family and life commitments, interacting in an environment that fosters positive changes and integrates wellness into the community culture. The Wellness Center at Stockton seeks to fulfill this mission by guiding students through their academic careers and helping them to make the most of their experience on campus. Student learning is at the core of the higher education academic mission.