Be Prepared

students outside Independence Walk

Register Now to subscribe to the Emergency Text-Message Notification SystemThis guide contains generally recommended emergency responses.

  • Actual emergency responses must address the uniqueness of each situation.
  • The recommendations may not be appropriate in every circumstance.
  • Use caution, common sense, and good judgment in approaching any situation.
  • If under the circumstances the recommendations found in this guide might reasonably lead to injury or damage, do not use them.

Faculty and staff of Stockton University should make themselves familiar with the information and procedures outlined in this guide. Please refer to the University’s programs and policies for detailed information.
stockton.edu/police • Phone: (609) 652-4390 • Galloway, New Jersey • In case of emergency dial 9-1-1.

In an emergency situation, do the following:

  1. Assess the situation.
  2. Address life threatening issues (first aid, safety of victim, etc).
  3. Call 911 Campus Police.
  4. Provide “status” information.
  5. Verify information.
  6. Follow emergency procedures.
  7. Warn students, if advised.
  8. Keep detailed notes of crisis event.
  9. Refer media to administrator or designee (University spokesperson).

Campus Police Responsibilities:

  1. Verify information and notify administration.
  2. Seal off high-risk areas and preserve scene.
  3. Activate crisis team and implement crisis response procedures.
  4. Notify students and staff (depending on emergency; students may be notified by faculty).
  5. Evacuate students and staff (if necessary).
  6. Notify community agencies (if necessary).
  7. Keep detailed notes of crisis event and complete reports.
  8. If necessary, recommend University closure.
  9. Refer media to spokesperson (or designee).