Student Affairs

These publications, with the exception of the Bulletin, are produced by the Division of Student Affairs. Stockton University takes pride in its environmental stewardship and uses digital publication as an efficient and sustainable use of its resources. Questions or concerns regarding access to the information provided by these publications may be addressed to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, 609.652.4225.

Official University 2016-2017 Bulletin
The official University Bulletin is produced by the Office of the Provost. Within the Bulletin, you will find information regarding the University's history, governance, physical plant, arts, athletics and campus life, in addition to academic programs and requirements for undergraduate and graduate schools.
2015-2016 Student Handbook * (see update below) 
The Student Handbook, a reference for students, faculty and staffis produced by the Division of Student Affairs. The Handbook is a source of information about campus and academic life, student rights and responsibilities and resources on campus. 

2015-2016 Guide to Residential Life 
The Guide to Residential Life includes details of residential students’ rights and responsibilities, the policies that affect them, information about meal plans, parking and more.

Provides an overview of University policies that affect the rights, responsibilities and safety of all members of our community. It provides resource links for students, faculty and staff as they participate in educational and co-curricular activities on and off campus.


Evening Services and Amenities 2015-2016 
A resource for all students listing locations and contact information for facilities and services available during the evening, weekend and daytime, too!

While every effort has been made to provide the most current information in these publications, changes to local, state or federal regulations may require University policy changes that are not included herein.  The University reserves the right to make changes and revisions at any time and will make every effort to make campus-wide notification of any changes.
*STUDENT HANDBOOK, Jan. 15, 2016, update applies to text found on pages 74-75: 
Motorized and Non-motorized Means of Transportation Policies

Stockton University recognizes small motorized and non-motorized means of transportation are important and legitimate means of conveyance provided they are operated with due regard and concern for the safety of the general public. Small motorized and non-motorized devices may be operated on campus sidewalks and paths provided they are used solely as a means of transportation and not for purposes prohibited by this regulation. Pedestrians in all locations designated for pedestrian traffic shall have the right-of-way over small motorized and non-motorized devices. For purposes of this regulation small motorized means of transportation “ shall include"; Electric scooters, hoverboards, segways and similar devices.  Non-motorizedshall include: bicycles, tricycles, unicycles, skateboards, roller skates, in-line skates and any other human powered transportation device.

Motorized and non-motorized means of transportation shall not be operated:
• In a reckless or hazardous manner
• In a manner that is unreasonable for existing conditions
• In a manner that interferes with pedestrian or vehicular traffic
• Inside any University buildings, dormitory or apartment
• On ramps established for the use of persons with disabilities
• Immediately adjacent to building doors
• On stairs, railings, landings, loading docks, benches, picnic tables, and all surfaces not intended for pedestrian or vehicular travel
• In areas posted against their use
• In an acrobatic or stunting manner, i.e. activities causing one or more sets of wheels to leave the ground or other surfaces intended for pedestrian or vehicular travel
• Nothing in this regulation shall prohibit the operation of non-motorized vehicles consistent with any authorized University activity.