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Emergency Contacts

Medical Emergencies
Call 9-1-1

or Campus Police
(609) 652-4444

Psychiatric Intervention Program
(609) 344-1118

Women's Center 24-Hour Crisis Hotline
(609) 646-6767

1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

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Information on Ebola

For more information the Department of Health has provided guidelines please click here or to learn more about the disease visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If you have further questions, please contact Health Services at 609.652.4701.



Do I Have the Flu and What Should I Do?

 What are the symptoms of the flu? video provided by FLU.GOV

Fever (at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit) with cough and/or sore throat

Body Aches    




Runny or Stuffy Nose



What Should I Do?

How can I prevent the Spread of the flu? video provided by FLU.GOV


  • Avoid contact with others
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  • Wash hands often and before/after eating or congregating such as class or parties.  Use sanitizing hand gel if unable to wash hands
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing
  • If your illness is severe or you are at high risk for flu complications, contact your health provider
  • Be aware that if the flu becomes widespread, there may be little need for testing, so your provider may choose not to test you
  • You may be ill for a week or longer.  Stay home until your temperature is normal for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications

For additional information about the flu please visit one of the sites below:

Flu Information
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Influenza 2014-2015

Additional News:

  COMMUNITY SUPPORT GROUPS - Click here for more information

In compliance with NJ State Law A1190 - P.L. 2007, Stockton College provides its students and employees access to U.S. Government Information on Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation


The Wellness Center - Mission Statement 
It is the mission of the Wellness Center at Stockton to encourage the pursuit of healthier lifestyles, balancing study, family and life commitments – interacting in an environment that fosters positive changes and integrates wellness into the community culture. The Wellness Center at Stockton seeks to fulfill this mission by guiding students through their academic careers and helping them to make the most of their experience on campus. Student learning is at the core of the higher education academic mission. The Wellness Center complements the institutional mission, as described in the Stockton Undergraduate Bulletin, in its efforts to “help our students develop the capacity for continuous learning and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances in a multicultural and interdependent world…”  (p. 3, Undergraduate Bulletin)

Graphic Link to Health Services

Health Services  Suite 108, (609) 652-4701
Doctor and Nutritionist Appointments, Health Educator and His and Her Health Options Clinic
Health Requirements for Registration (Immunizations and Health Insurance Information) 

Need a Health Education Program?  Complete  our Online Program Request form!

Graphic Link to Counseling Center

Counseling Services  J-204, (609) 652-4722
Counseling, Stress Management and Self Growth 

Graphic Link to Learning Access Learning Access Program  J-204, (609) 652-4988
Supportive Services for Students with Disabilities, Academic Assistance and Counseling

Graphic Link to Alcohol and Drug Prevention Program Alcohol and Drug Education Program  J-204, (609) 626-6855
Workshops, Training Programs, Counseling and Assessment

Graphic Link to His & Her Healthy Options Clinic His & Her Healthy Options Clinic Suite 108, Call (609) 437-2020 for appointments.
Reproductive health care services for men and women. Counseling and Contraceptive Supplies