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Welcome to the main page of the Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies. Please check back here often for exciting news, updates, scholarships and the current issue of the Hellenic Voice. If you would like to join our mailing list, please contact us at hellenicstudies@stockton.edu. For now, please click on any of the panels here to read about many of the activities of the Center, or, go to our News page for the latest news and information. 


The sixth Classical Humanities Society lecture will be on Saturday, April 25th at 12pm. In addition to a guest speaker, students who have travelled to Greece and Turkey on scholarships will present some of their findings at this special lecture. Like all lectures, it is free and open to all. Please visit the Society's page for more information.


The Constantelos Hellenic Collection and Reading Room, officially opened on September 26th, marking a major milestone in Hellenic Studies at Stockton. For more information on the room, please click here. To make a donation, please click here. To watch a video on Professor Constantelos and his extraordinary collection, please click here. To find out about upcoming events in the room, please click on the news page.

Kato Panayia

Click here to read the blog of one of out students and scholarship recipients,
who recently returned from Greece and Turkey.

* * *

In Memoriam: Peter Yiannos
Founding benefactor of the ICHS, Peter always had Hellenic Ideals at heart. Here, he shares his final words.

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