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  Need to look up a word in Ancient Greek or Latin? Want to know a little more about the Ancient Greek translation of Harry Potter? Then, this is the page for you. If you are interested in learning more about Hellenism related studies or simply taking a trip to Italy, Greece, Turkey or Cyprus, this page has a host of links to organizations,  informative sites and embassies which will provide more than enough information for even the hungriest student of the Classical, Byzantine and modern eastern Mediterranean worlds. 

  Please let us know if you learn of any useful and/or intersting links and we will post them here.

***Updated : January 8th, 2015***

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GREEK Language Resources
Athenaze Greek exercises and games! This focuses on all forms of Greek, especially Biblical.
The best online resource for Greek and Latin
texts and dictionaries

A strong
Modern Greek resource
A useful page for Modern Greek learners looking for verb forms. For all classics enthusiasts, this page includes information on Harry Potter in Ancient Greek. Must read.
This site provides a good general overview of the dominant forms of Greek: For a collection of translated texts, visit this page.

Comparative Grammar of Greek and Latin
(click here)


LATIN Language Resources
Lost in the First Declension? Here is a  lifeline. A useful grammar resource for all Latin students here.
For a litte extra help in Latin, visit this good resource. Settle your differences with Latin Scrabble!
A great site for Ancient and Modern Greek learners The Perseus Project: A Classicist's Treasure Trove! 
Want more Wheelock? (Of course you do!)  Here is a supplement.  Eric Conrad's Latin pages are a must-see for anyone needing grammar help. 

nice article on Greek drama, forward to us by one of our new friends, Alison Spencer of the Tailwind School.

An exciting link to the recently digitized manuscripts of the British Museum!

Another great source of translated texts:

For modern Greek students: (RECOMMENDED!)

History, Philosophy, Literature and more

A little bit of everything for anyone intersted in classical Greece

A great website for kids, teachers and Examine Life fellows

American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture Supporters of The Examined Life program

Mr. Dowling's Ancient Greek Page Good introduction to some of the people of Greece

Myths, Gods and Goddesses from Ancient Greece  History for Kids

Ancient Greece Overview of all aspects of life in Greece

Introduction to Ancient Greece Click here for great pictures of sites and places that Ancient Greeks would have seen

Myth web Click here for stories and background information about Greek myths and Gods and Goddesses

Ancient Greek History Great info and articles about Ancient Greece

Gods and Goddesses Learn about the Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses

Ancient City of Athens Great Pictures of Ancient Athens

Famous Greeks Choose a person to interview from this online worksheet

The Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games From the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology

Ancient Greek Games Information about Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece Comic Book on the Olympics From the BBC

Olympia Everything you need to know about Olympia, the site of the Ancient Olympic Games from the BBC

Olympic Gallery Great pictures of the Ancient Olympics

Ancient Greek Olympics Article on all aspects of the Ancient Games

Social Studies for Kids Ancient Greek Olympics

Ancient Greek History Great info and articles about Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek Architecture Info about houses, cities, temples, etc.

Mr. Donn's history site Look for the section on Greek Houses in Meet the Greeks

Ancient City of Athens Awesome Pictures from Athens

Greek Architecture Pictures Great pictures of Architecture of Ancient Greece

Greek Architecture Explains the three types of columns used in Ancient Greece

Rich Person's House in Greece Good diagram of a house in Ancient Greece

Tour a Greek House Great Diagram of a Greek House
Greek House From UPenn Museum

Study Abroad

Modern Greek Language on the Island of Kythera
Paideia: Study Abroad Programs in Greece
The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts
American College of Thessaloniki
University of Thessaloniki School of Modern Greek Language
University of Athens Modern Greek Language Teaching Center
The Athens Centre
College Year in Athens Summer Program
University of Crete Program of Modern Greek Language for Foreigners
Georgetown University Summer in Greece
Institute for Balkan Studies International Summer School
New York University in Athens
Brethren Colleges Abroad
University of Indianapolis Odyssey in Athens

Academic Year Programs

The Aegean Center of Fine Arts
American College of Thessaloniki
Arcadia University Study Abroad
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki School of Modern Greek Language
Athens Centre Semester Programs
College Year in Athens
Hellenic International Studies in the Arts
University of La Verne Athens
Brethren Colleges Abroad
University of Indianapolis Odyssey in Athens