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The image is a view of the Ionian sunset from Methone.


2017-2018 Lecture Series

 We have a terrific lineup of lecturers this semester, so please join us for scintillating lectures, riveting discussion, and the lively community participation that has kept our Classical Humanities going strong for 45 years at Stockton!

Please mark your calendars for the following lectures:

All lectures this semester are Thursday evenings at 4:30 p.m. in the Constantelos Room (Second floor of the Stockton Library)



“Slaves and the Production of Luxury at Roman Villas”
Dr. Lauren Peterson (University of Delaware) 
September 28, 2017

"Plato's Cosmo-politics: Soulcracy"
Dr. Lucio Privitello (Stockton University)
October 26, 2017 

“Ennius, Medea, and Empire"
Dr. John Fisher (Rutgers University)
November 16, 2017

"The Other Israelites: Samaritans and the Early Christians"
Matthew Chalmers (University of Pennsylvania) 
February 1, 2018

“Sex after the Fall: Plato, Augustine, and Two Tales of Declension”
Dr. James Wetzel (Villanova University) 
March 24, 2018

"Rome, Carthage, and the Beginnings of Latin Literature"
Dr. Thomas Biggs (University of Georgia)
April 19, 208


Please join us!!

Very best wishes for the spring semester and we look forward to seeing you,


Edward Siecienski

President, Classical Humanities Society of South Jersey