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     Throughout the course of his distinguished career, Professor Emeritus Demetrios J. Constantelos has written books, contributed to journals, participated in symposia, spoken at conferences,had articles published in multiple langauges, actively represented his community in inter-faith dialogues and, as one of Stockton College's first professors, helped put this institution on the map.  He has left a permanent stamp on Byzantinology. 
     Though what follows is not complete, we have a collection of articles here for your perusal which demonstrate his skill and give a brief glimpse of his profound wisdom and passion for his work. 
       For anyone interested, we also have a large archive of reviews, both by and about Professor


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Works in English
Altruistic Suicide or Altruistic Martyrdom? Christian Greek Orthodox: A Case Study?  2004
American Philhellenism: Thomas Jefferson and the Influence of Greek Ideals and Culture in Writing the American Constitution 2002
Ancient Greek Religious Thought Marks Christian Theology 2001
Apocryphal/ Deuterocanonical Books: An Orthodox View, The 1997
Attitude of Orthodox Christians Toward Non-Orthodox and Non-Christians, The 1990
Bible in the Orthodox Church, The 1999
Byzantine Empire: What was It? Its Geography, Chronology and Ethnic Composition, The 2002
Byzantine Medicine - A Union of Physicians and Priests  1987
Byzantium 1999
Canon 62 of the Synod in Trullo and the Slavic Problem 1970
Challenge of the Three Hierarchs for Greek Learning and Heritage, The -
Charity -
Church and Family in Greek Orthodox Society from the Byzantine Era to the Present-Day United States: Problems and Issues  1999
Church Fathers and Hellenic Paideia 2000
Classical Greek Heritage in the Epistles of Theophylaktos of Achrida 1995
Clerics and Secular Professions in the Byzantine Church 1995
Constantine the Great  -
Conversion of Russia to Christianity in the Light of Greek Missionary Activity Among the Slavs, The 1988
Eastern Orthodox Church Today: One in Many, The 1993
Educational Penelopean Foundations Supreme Convention Lecture 1992
Emperor John Vatatzes' Social Concern: Basis for Canonization 1972
Ethnic Particularities and the Universality of Orthodoxy Today 1990
Evagrios of Pontus -
First Greeks in America in 1768, The  1965
Great Education Debate:  Part I - Back to the Future, The -
Greek Classical Heritage in Greek Hagiography, The  1993
Greek Heritage and the Task of the Greek Diaspora, The  1979
Greek Heritage, The  1976
Greek Orthodox Christian Mysticism -
Greek Orthodox in North America - Part I, The  1991
Greek Orthodox- Jewish Relations in Historical Perspective 1976
Greek Orthodoxy  1985
Greek Precursor Missions to Russia's Conversion to Christianity 1992
Hellenic Background and Nature of Patristic Philanthropy in the Early Byzantine Era, The  2007
Historical Development of Greek Orthodoxy, The 1990
Human Being: A Mask or Person?:  A Perspective in Greek Orthodox Theology and Humanistic Medicine, The  1991
Identity of Hellenism in the Byzantine Era (330-1453) Part I, The 1999
Illustrations on Greek Philanthropia: Bonds for Continuity in the Greek Tradition  1977
Interface of Medicine and Religion in the Greek and the Christian Greek Orthodox Tradition, The 1988
Irenaeos of Lyons and His Central Views 1989
Jews and Judaism in the Early Greek Father (100 A.D. - 500 A.D.) 1978
John Chrysostom’s Greek Classical Education and its Importance to Us Today 1991
Julian of Halicarnassus -
Kyros Panopolites, Rebuilder of Constantinople 1971
Legacy of Saints Cyril and Methodius to Moscow and Kiev, The -
Liturgy: Eastern Christian 2000
Lives of Saints, Ethical Teachings, and Social Realities in Tenth-Century Byzantine Peloponessos  1985
Logos of the Greeks: Messiah of the Jews  -
Lover of Mankind, The -
Marriage and Celibacy of the Clerygy in the Orthodox Church  1972
Marriage in the Greek Orthodox Church 1985
Marriage in the Greek Orthodox Tradition 2005
Medicine and Social Welfare in the Byzantine Empire 1999
Moslem Conquests of the Near East as Revealed in the Greek Sources of the Seventh and the Eighth Centuries, The 1973
Mysticism and Social Involvement in the Later Byzantine Church: Theoleptos of Philadelphia: A Case Study 1979
Nature and Lasting Value of the Greek Heritage, The 1992
Neomartyrs as Evidence for Methods and Motives Leading to Conversion and Martyrdom in the Ottoman Empire, The 1978
Nikephoros Kallistos -
Nikon the Metanoeite -
Nikos Kazantzakis: Orthodox or Heterodox? 1996
Not by Bread Alone… 1959
Origins and Authority of the Patriarchate in Constantinople, The 2001
Orthodox Diaspora: Canonical and Ecclesiatical Perspective, The 1979
Orthodox Theology in America 1984
Our “Byzantine” Heritage and the Task of Our Church Today 1970
Paganism and the State in the Age of Justinian 1964
Patriarch -
Patriarch Nikon and the Subjection of the Russian Church to the State -
Philanthropia as an Imperial Virtue in the Byzantine Empire of the Tenth Century 1962
Practice of the Sacrament of of Matrimony According to the Orthodox Tradition 1971
Professor Disputes Olympics Article 1996
Propaideia to Christianity 1981
Reactions Amidst Confusion -
Religio-Philosophical Issues and Interreligious Dialogues in Eastern Orthodox Christianity Since World War II 1989
Religious Cultural Diversity and Christian Unity in the Church of Colossae: An Exegesis of Colossians 2.16 to 3. 1998
Saint Photios and Ninth-Century Byzantine Mission -
Social Services: Eastern Christian 2000
Social Consciousness of the Byzantine Church 1967
Some Aspects of Stewardship of the Church of Constantinople under Ottoman Rule (1453-1800) 2003
Tarasios -
Task of Orthodox Theology Today, The 1972
Term Neoterikoi (Innovators) in the Exabiblos of Constantine Armenopoulos and Its Cultural-Linguistic Implication, The 1980
Theodore of Studios -
Theological Considerations for the Social Ethos of the Orthodox Church 1974
Theopneusta of the Holy Scripture According to Panagiotis N. Trembelas, The -
Thomas Jefferson and His Philhellenism 1995
Toward an Historical Theology of Church Councils 1981
Was Nikos Kazantzakis a Heretic? 1967
Wisdom from the Greeks 1990
Witness and Mission in a Secularized World 1991
Women and Philanthropy in the History of Hellenism -
Wrestling with God 1988
Xenos, Ioannes -
Zakat in Islam and Philanthropia in Greek Orthodox Christianity 1994
Zoe Movement in Greece, The 1959