Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies




Date Name Institution Lecture
10/1/1976 Brunilde Ridgeway Bryn Mawr Kouroi & Korai: Guys & Dolls in Ancient Greece
11/1/1976 Aurel Trofin University of Babes-Bolyai (Cluj) Roman Dacia
12/1/1976 Robert Wind Muhlenberg Myth and Religion in the Alcestis of Euripides 
1/1/1977 Charles Tuckwood - Coins of Early Christianity
2/1/1977 Ann Bergren Princeton Time in Homer
3/1/1977 Timothy Renner Montclair Papyri & Egypt
4/1/1977 David Kelly Montclair Women in Antiquity: Marriage Contracts
5/1/1977 Martin Jones Stockton Virtue in the Meno of Plato