Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies



Date Name Institution Lecture
9/1/77 Niki Stavrolakis - Aegean in Underwater Archaeology
11/1/77 Michael Sollenberger Rutgers The Two Helens of Troy
12/1/77 Gerald Verbrugghe Rutgers Roman Border Defenses & The Great Wall of China: Why One Worked and the Other Didn't
1/1/78 Leonard Swidler Temple Status of Women in Classical and Judeo-Christian Society
2/1/78 Angeliki Laiou Rutgers Women in Byzantium
3/1/78 Arthur Hanson Princeton The Golden Ass of Apuleius
4/1/78 John Crawford U Delaware The Excavations at Sardis
5/1/78 Bruce Jennings Stockton Rediscovery of POLIS in Contemporary Political Theory