Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies


Date Name Institution Lecture
10/1/1978 Meryl Levy Stockton Costumes in Antiquity
10/1/1978 Amy Richlin Douglass Out of the Closet: Obscenity in the Tradition of Latin Literature
11/1/1978 Robert Antezak Seton Hall Being Old, Then and Now
12/1/1978 James Luce Princeton Graeco-Roman Influences on the American Republic
1/1/1979 James Miller Stockton The Last Bastion of the Ancient World: The Survival of the Classics
2/1/1979 Gerald Culley U of Delaware Prometheus: Saint or Demon?
4/1/1979 John Barker Newark Museum Bringing Ancient Egypt to Life: An Ancient Craftsman's House Reconstructed
5/1/1979 Robert Henson Glassboro (Rowan) Rome in the East: The Persistence of the Armenian Question