Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies


Date Name Institution Lecture
10/1/1979 James Hollis Stockton On Myth & Mythmaking
11/1/1979 Joseph Russo Haverford The Myth of Narcissus
12/1/1979 Thomas Figueira Rutgers Warfare and Trade: The Birth of Greek Slavery
1/1/1980 Lois Hinckley Princeton Aristophanes' Lysistrata: Vindication & Complement to Epic & Tragic Heroes
2/1/1980 George Nugent Princeton The Neronian Age
3/1/1980 Richard Burgi Princeton The Classic Tradition in Slavic Literature
4/1/1980 Harry Evans Rutgers Ovid's Exile Poetry
5/1/1980 Sarah George ASCSA Greek Theories of Human Procreation