Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies



Date Name Institution Lecture
10/1/1984 Michael Eisman Temple Synagogues of the Greco-Roman Period
11/1/1984 David Weinberger Stockton The Origins of Philosophy: The Pre-Socratics
12/1/1984 Richard Hamilton Bryn Mawr Rites of Passage in Ancient Athens
1/1/1985 Michael Sollenberger Rutgers The Tradition & Transmission of Ancient Wisdom-Gnomic Anthologies
2/1/1985 Richard Martin Princeton Fire on the Mountain: Lysistrata & the Lemnian Women
3/1/1985 Barbara Burrell Swarthmore Classics and the New Archaeology
4/1/1985 Gerald Verbrugghe Rutgers Pieces of the Roman Historical Tradition
5/1/1985 Fred Booth Rutgers Ovid & Pound: Myth & Metamorphosis