Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies



Date Name Institution Lecture
9/1/1988 Nynke Smits Drew Sulpicia: A Forgotten Roman Poet
10/1/1988 Lasrissa Bonfante NYU Mothers & Children in the Art of Ancient Italy
10/1/1988 Judith Hallett U of Maryland The Friendship of Men & Women in Classical Rome
11/1/1988 Eugene Borza Penn State The Grave Goods of Alexander the Great


Carrie Cowherd

Howard Aspects of Roman Society from Persius' Satires
2/1/1989 Fred Mench Stockton Perseus & Pegasus: A Post-Classical Mythical Borrowing
3/1/1989 John Ziolkowski George Washington Two Comedies: Thornton Wilder's Matchmaker & Terence's Phormio
4/1/1989 Phyllis Culham US Naval Academy Women, Slaves & Freedmen: Weber, Marx and Concepts of Citizenship at Rome