Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies




Date Name Institution Lecture
9/1/1989 James Wright Bryn Mawr Between the Mountains & the Sea: The Cultural Ecology of the Nemea Valley
10/1/1989 Mabel Lang Bryn Mawr Ostraka & Ostracism
11/1/1989 Gloria Pinney Bryn Mawr Imagery in Greek Vases: Current Interpretations
12/1/1989 Lowell Edmunds Rutgers Comparative Approaches to Greek Myth: Oedipus
1/20/1990 Johanna Glazewski Drew Stereotypes of Women in Ancient Literature
2/11/1990 Elaine Fantham Princeton The Gaze of the Gorgon
3/18/1990 George Radan Villanova Anatomy of a Sarcophagus
5/1/1990 Robert Penella Fordham The Emperor Julian the Apostate & the Jews
5/1/1990 Sally Rackley Drew Alexander & the Deaths of Philotas & Parmenion