Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies



Date Name Institution Lecture
9/16/2000 Demetrios Constantelos Stockton Byzantine Philanthropy & Its Echo in the Medieval Latin West
10/21/2000 Christopher Long Stockton Ethics and Ontology in Aristotle
11/19/2000 Elizabeth Kennedy Klaassen Episcopal Academy/Bryn Mawr Imitation: Homer, Vergil & Silius Italicus
12/16/2000 Melissa Morison Boston U The Romans in Captive Greece: Changes in Technology and Diet
1/20/2001 Alexander Alexakis Stockton Byzantine Daily Life and Classical Education in 9 Letters of Psellus
2/25/2001 Janice Siegel Temple The Wondrous Legacy of the Ancient Greeks: How We Know What We Know About the Greeks (illustrated)
3/24/2001 Gerald O'Sullivan Stockton The Trial of Jesus: What Do We Know
4/21/2001 Peter King Temple The New Testament and Rome