Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies


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Date Name Institution Lecture
9/21/2003 Steven Sidebotham U of Delaware Ancient Peoples on the Ancient Trade Routes: A Case Study of Berenike, Egypt
10/19/2003 Fr. George Liacopulos Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Traditional Christianity and its Relationship to Paganism and to Contemporary Neopaganism
11/15/2003 Travis Quay Absegami HS Chianciano Fegato Sano: Recent excavations at a 2nd century AD Roman Bath in Tuscany
1/24/2004 Prudence Jones Rutgers Trends in the Reception of Cleopatra
2/13/2004 Mary Dabney Stockton Marketing Myceanaen Styl
2/13/2004 David Roessel Stockton Bloodthirsty Tyrants & Happy Little Extroverts: Myceanaeans & Minoans in Literature
2/21/2004 Anne Pomeroy Stockton Plato's Georgias and the Responsibility of Educators
3/6/2004 Tighet  Westr Stockton Summer Archeological Digs in Britain & Santorini
3/6/2004 Amanda Coles U Penn Greek & Roman Religious Foundations of Colonies & Their Temples
4/10/2004 John Lenz Drew Why the Greeks Sacrificed Animals to the Gods and What This Shows about Greek Religion