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Date Name Institution Lecture Media
9/12/2004 John Traupman Saint Joseph's Schliemann's Treasures from Troy & Mycenae  
10/17/2004 David G. Romano U Penn Museum The Ancient Olympic Games: Athletes and Heroes  
11/6/2004 Jack Cargill Rutgers




How a Historical Study Became a Novel (sort of): The Development of Mercenary of the Gods
Part 1
Part 2
12/11/2004 Stephanie Budin  U Penn/Temple

Miasmic Sex: Herodotos and the Creation of Sacred Prostitution 

1/22/2005 David Roessel Stockton Bloodthirsty Tyrants & Happy Little Extroverts: Myceanaeans & Minoans in Literature  
2/13/2005 Mary Dabney Bryn Mawr/Stockton Marketing, Myceanaen Style  
3/6/2005 Amanda Coles  U Penn Greek & Roman Religious Foundations of Colonies & their Temples  
4/1/2005 John Muccigrosso Drew Could the Romans Understand Their Own Texts?  Part 1