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Date Name Institution Lecture Media
9/24/2005 Andrew Szegedy-Maszak   Wesleyan Nineteenth-Century American Photographs of the Acropolis  
10/16/2005 Carrie Cowherd  Howard Classical Influences in W. E. B.DuBois' Souls of Black Folk  
11/12/2005 Michael Sollenberger  Mount Saint Mary's Strato of Lampsacus  
12/4/2005 Patricia Dailey  Oakcrest HS Minoan Palaces: Space & Space Use  
1/21/2006 Laura Zucconi  Stockton Defining and Treating Illness in the Ancient Near East  
2/19/2006 Sheila Murnaghan  U Penn Women in Sophoclean Tragedy  
3/25/2006 Lucio Privitello  Stockton In Union with Love: A Mytho-genealogy of Eros in Hesiod's Theogony  
4/1/2006 Alice Riginos Howard

Examined Lives: The Figure of Socrates in the Classical World

 Part 1