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Greetings from our President

Welcome to the Friends of Hellenic Studies, an organization dedicated to promoting Hellenism at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and within the South Jersey community. Our organization was founded at the college in 1995 by the Reverend Dr. Demetrios J. Constantelos, Professor Emeritus of History and Religion. We continue to grow in membership and in the opportunities that we are able to offer. Our future is bright and exciting with outreach to the University of Athens and Trinity College in Crete. The Friends hold many cultural and educational fundraising events to provide scholarships to both students and faculty members within the Hellenic Studies program, as well as to professors of other disciplines who incorporate Hellenism into their subject matter. The scholarships also allow many students to travel to Greece for their studies and experience Hellenism firsthand. We help to promote the Examined Life Program developed by the Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies at the Richard Stockton College, which takes New Jersey teachers of grades K-12 through seminars in Hellenic Studies, including a guided tour of Greece.

I am extremely enthused of this program as it allows the teacher to introduce a foundation of Hellenic philosophies, values, and ideas to a younger generation. We encourage you to join us in our efforts and we welcome your support. There are many opportunities for you as Friends to take advantage of our programs and our events. Please browse our web site for more information, and do not hesitate to contact us at ichs@stockton.edu.



Eugenia Kramvis