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More THATCamps

A number of South Jersey Digital folks attended THATCamp Philly, hosted by Drexel University in September 2011. At Stockton we are especially interested in university unpresses, which Adeline Koh usefully summarized here.

Adeline and Laura Zucconi also attended THATCamp games, University of Maryland, Jan 20 -22, 2012.

And More Digital Initiatives

Sharon Musher, Director of American Studies, is the local curator for a new library exhibit, Claiming Citizenship:African Americans and New Deal Photography. Read the article in the StocktonTimes.

South Jersey Digital has organized a working group, led by Lisa Honaker and John Theibault, on digital scholarly publishing.

Read what Adeline Koh has to say about it in her guest post in ProfHacker on the evaluation of digital scholarship.

Linda Feeney is also working on games. She's developing a set of game-driven activities to go along with Summer Orientation and the First Year Experience.

And the Pox and the City webpage is now up and running. Stay tuned for more information on 19th century epidemics than you can shake a syringe at.

Events for Fall 2011

Adeline Koh and colleagues have two exciting series of events planned for the fall 2011 semester.

The Stockton Asian Film Series.
The theme for fall 2011 is 'love.' More descriptions on films, dates and event locations on the Asian Film Series website: Last semester each event played to an average of 60 attendees, ranging from colleagues, students and members of the Galloway commmunity). The AFS also got written about in the Galloway Patch.

Conversations on Women, Gender and Sexuality (WGSS Conversations)
The fall lineup for Conversations on Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS Conversations) is online at: Featured events include a talk on Women and the Law by Prof. Audrey Latourette; a jointly-sponsored seminar on postcolonial feminism and digital humanities by Prof. Adeline Koh and former students Raina DeFonza and Stephanie Cawley; and a talk on transgender identity in the Bronze Age by Prof. Laura Zucconi.

More Praise for THATCamp Jersey Shore

William Patrick Wend calls ThatCamp Jersey Shore "One of the highlights of the spring semester." Stay tuned for a series of posts derived from his extensive notes from the event. Click here for the first installment, highlighting John Theibault, Amanda French, and Deborah Gussman.

Aaron Perrell's Digital Humanities Daily picked up on the post, too.

Digital Humanists On the Move

Robert Gregg will attend the NINES/NEH Summer Institute, University of Virginia, Evaluating Digital Scholarship, May 30-June 3

Deborah Gussman will attend the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, University of Victoria, June 6-10

Adeline Koh will present at the MLA 2012 meeting in Seattle on Pedagogy and Digital Humanities.

Jung Lee and Frank Cerreto are Conference Chair and Co-Chair for the 2011 meeting of the International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA), Seaview Hotel, Galloway, NJ, September 28-October 2.

Maryann McLoughlin will be presenting her paper "Post Holocaust? Musical Memorials" at The Holocaust in Music International Conference, 4-6 October 20111, hosted by The Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies and the Institute for Analysis, Theory and History of Music.  

Maryann McLoughlin is also the Project Director for the Humanities Festival Grant “Justice, Genocide, and the Environment in the Ukraine and Chinese Famines" The grant provides funding for a seminar to be held on October 27, 2011, for community members, educators grades 5 – 12, and undergraduate and graduate students, at The Richard Stockton College of NJ's Sara and Sam Schoffer Holocaust Resource Center (HRC). The focus will be on the Ukrainian SSR famine of 1931 and 1932, often referred to as the Holodomor, and the People's Republic of China's famine during the Great Leap Forward, 1958-1962.  The seminar will show how in these countries the lack of justice caused the genocidal events that were detrimental to the environment, exacerbating the number of famine deaths.


R & PD Awards to Arts and Humanities

Fifteen ARHU folks were awarded R&PD grants this year, many of them South Jersey Digital affiliates (could there be a connection?) Congratulations to all!

Deborah Gussman
Adalaine Holton
Cindy King
Adeline Koh
Margaret McCann
Michelle McDonald
Adam Miyashiro
Jed Morfit
Christina Morus
Sharon Musher
Kate Ogden
Dan Robins
Rain Ross
Ed Siecienski
Laura Zucconi

Stockton Historical Geolocation Service

Many thanks to Stockton students  Stan Schwertly, Aniello DiSpigna, Andrew Hofstetter, and Brian O'Keefe, for developing the Stockton Historical Geolocation Service, affectionately known as SHiGS, an open-source tool for displaying database information in Google maps.

For this part of the project, the team took an Excel spreadsheet with all the records of the Philadelphia City Directory from 1795, and converted it to a tool that can plot people by a whole set of variables: name, occupation, race, and so on.

Here's how it works:

Users choose the map they're interested in working with (right now there's only one), then choose the variables they want to search. Below, you can see a search for everyone in the 1795 Philadelphia city directory with the last name "Washington" and the first name "George".

Philadelphia was the nation's capital in 1795, so naturally enough the President of the United States was listed in its directory! The displayed Google map acts just like, well, a Google map: users can zoom in and out, view in satellite or terrain, and so forth.

SHiGS can be used to answer other kinds of questions, too. For example, it can display the residences of the most prestigious kind of male healer, those with university MDs:

And then it can display, for comparison, the residences of the most prestigious kind of female healers, midwives:


They live in different parts of the city, because they came from different social groups: University-trained MDs were definitely classed as "gentlemen", and therefore lived on the more prosperous streets, while midwives came from artisan households, and lived in smaller, more densely-populated alleys.

Since the 1795 directory noted whether an occupant was "African," SHiGS can also display where African-Americans lived -- though we must be a little cautious, as we don't know precisely what the word "African" might have meant to the directory editor.

There are still some things to be added: a historical map overlay, some way to search using "OR" as well as "AND", other ways of displaying variables. But all in all, a great tool, professionally delivered on time and under budget. Thanks guys!

Stan Schwertly discusses SHiGS here... 

The team presented SHiGS at THATCamp Jersey Shore:


Three Cheers for Pox and the City!


Laura Zucconi and Lisa Rosner, Stockton College, together with Ethan Watrall, Michigan State University, have been awarded a Digital Start-Up Grant from the Office of Digital Humanities, NEH. The project will create a digital RPG called Pox and the City. Edward Jenner’s 1798 smallpox vaccine was a breakthrough against an epidemic disease, and its subsequent role as a public health measure demonstrates the interplay of disease, patient, healers, and social institutions in medical history. The game, a collaboration between historians of medicine and Serious Games specialists, can be played as a smallpox doctor, a virus, or a patient. The grant will be used to create and test the first level of the game for each of these characters. “Pox and the City” makes use of the world-renowned historical collection of books, ephemera, images, and artifacts held by the College of Physicians in Philadelphia. The outcome will be a Flash-based game that can be played online or in a GeoDome.

Laura Zucconi described the game at the lunchtime roundtable, "Digital Media and New Audiences for the HIstory of Medicine, held during the meeting of the American Association for the History of Medicine (AAHM), April 29, 2911, in Philadelphia. An overview of the presentation can be found here.


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