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Resurrected Summaries

 Welcome to the page that has been the focus of quite a bit of attention and anticipation. Below, you will find - as they become available- valuable summaries, which I am virtually certain will serve as windows to the classical world; windows, through which, you will see the fruit (though missing from the photo to the left, along with poor Hermes' arm) of academic generosity and an eagerness to learn without which a humble lecture series could never survive. 

Please check back here often as new summaries will be posted in the coming days, weeks and months.  Once the process of sifting through dusty office copy, unlocking of 20-year old hard drives and pulling of files off of now ancient five-inch Macintosh floppy discs is complete,  we hope to give you a taste of 'the grapes' as photo, audio and video files also begin to surface.  Enjoy!

Date Lecturer Institution  Title 
 4/4/1998 Niki Kantzios   Bryn Mawr The Cretan Personae of Odysseus 
12/1/1997  Bruce Rutledge  U Penn  How Hazael's Horse-Bridle Got to Athens 
4/17/1993 Gregory Dickerson Bryn Mawr History of the Eleusinian Mysteries
3/28/1993 Tom Kinsella Stockton Classical Dramatic Theory & 18th Century Thought
3/7/1992 Sheila Murnaghan U Penn Male and Female in Classical Myth and Literature
1/20/1990 Johanna Glazewski Drew Stereotypes of Women in Ancient Literature
12/12/1987 James Romm Cornell

Kepler's Somnium: A Renaissance Science-Fiction Story and its Greek Sources

2/1/1990 Elaine Fantham Princeton The Gaze of the Gorgon
3/1/1991 Andrew Ford Princeton Poetry and Immortality in Homer
9/1/1993 Alden Smith Rutgers Ovid’s Orpheus: Some Thoughts about Reading Latin Poetry & More
3/1/1994 Thomas Figueira Rutgers Money in the 5th Century BC
9/22/1996 Patrick Bradley Westtown Xenophon’s Anabasis: Historical and Narratalogical Comparisons
2/1/1992 Susan Auth The Newark Museum Bringing Ancient Egypt to Life – An Ancient Craftsman’s House Reconstructed
12/3/1994 Jerry Culley U Delaware Zangger’s Flood from Heaven: Was Atlantis Troy?
12/10/1989 Lowell Edmunds Rutgers Comparative Approaches to Greek Mythology – Oedipus
10/22/1988 Larissa Bonfante - Mothers & Children in the Art of Ancient Italy
10/17/1992  Ted Champlin  Princeton  Nero the Hero 
 9/21/1997 Stephen Ciraolo  The Baldwin School  Sound and Sense in Greek Poetry 
10/21/1993  Sarah George The American School of Classical Studies in Athens   The Cult of Asklepios 
10/8/ --- Matthew Benjamin  Stockton  Theater: Ancient and Modern 
 2/17/--- Julia H Gaisser  Bryn Mawr  The Transmission of Catullus 
1/28/1995  Jerry Verbrugghe  Rutgers-Camden  Why Do Civilizations Die? CaseStudies: Ancient Egypt & Ancient Mesopotamia 
 10/12/1991 Jack Cargill  Rutgers  Athenian Colonies 
10/28/1990  Alice Donohue  Winckelmann and the History of Greek Sculpture 
9/21/1991  Robert Lamberton Princeton  Hesiod and the Thespian Festival of the Muses 
11/18/1990 Lee Pearcy Episcopal Academy Where Did Science Come From- and How Do We Know It?
12/1/1996 Ippokratis Kantzios Stockton Herodotus and the Ends of the World
10/30/1990 Matthew Santirocco - Poet and Patron in Ancient Rome
1/27/1991 David Romano UPenn Museum The Corinth Computer Project, 1988-1990
 2/20/1991 Andre Lardinois  Princeton  Beyond Hegel and Schlegel: An Ambiguous Reading of Sophocles' Antigone 
 2/21/1993 Susan Rotroff  Hunter College CUNY  Free Lunch: Dining at Public Expense in Classical Athens 
2/1/1997  Alan Mattlage  Stockton  Stockton and Megalithic Europe 
12/5/1993  James Luce  Princeton  Livy's View of the Roman National Character 
1/22/1994  Edward Weston  Bryn Mawr   Lucan the Satirist
 10/1/1996 Niki Kantzios  Bryn Mawr  Herakles in Egypt: A Greek View of the Egyptians 
 3/5/1995 Jennifer Sheridan  St. Joseph's  The Power of the Pen: Cultural Aspects of Women's Literacy in Fourth Century CE Egypt 
 11/16/1996  Robin Mitchell-Boyask  -  The Pharmacy of Euripides: Asclepium and the Theater of Dionysus
 -  Victoria Larson  Montclair  An American Symbol and Its Classical Context: The Statue of Liberty
March 10th, 19XX John Lenz Drew Greek Humanism: For and Against
10/16/19XX Yechiel Lehavy Atlantic Community College Neolithic by the River: Dhali-Agridhi, Cyprus
11/1/1989 Gloria Ferrari Pinney Bryn Mawr Imagery in Greek Vases: Current Interpretation
10/1/1988 Judith Hallett -

Friendship between Men and Women in Ancient Rome

 1/20/2002  Tom Papademetriou  Stockton  Greek Paideia in the Ottoman Empire
4/4/1992 Rosaria Munson Swarthmore Half a Man's Worth: Popular Ideology about Slavery in Athens