Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies


These pages sometimes feature media from some of the lectures. For audio (blue), powerpoint (yellow) and video clips (purple), please go to the media column and click on the part you would like.  For summaries, click anywhere on a red bar (if applicable).

Date Name Institution Lecture Media
9/15/2007 George Diamond Stockton Palace or Not: Minoan Arkhanes  
10/27/2007 Stephen Patrick - The Fall of the Roman Empire in the West: It Was the Army's Fault  
11/10/2007 Demetrios Constantelos Stockton The Bible and the Classics in Ninth-Century Byzantium  
12/8/2007 Maria Hnaraki Drexel Unraveling Ariadne's Thread: Cretan Music and Dance   
1/26/2008 Mark Mallett Stockton O'Neil and the Tragic Greek: Desire Under the Elms and Classical Dramatic Structures Part 1
Part 2
2/23/2008 Kate Ogden Stockton The Classical Tradition in Art  
3/1/2008 Rob Nichols Stockton How Greek is Greco-Buddhist Art? Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
4/13/2008 Pavlos Avlanis Princeton Popular Books and Readers in the Roman Empire