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The Performing Arts program offers a comprehensive curriculum in a variety of arts disciplines encompassing the Dance, Music, and Theatre. Courses normally require a high degree of student participation, with the expectation that all students will demonstrate their assimilation of theory and technique through performance, exhibition, and portfolio.


The Performing Arts faculty and students produce a variety of curricular projects designed to enhance the cultural and intellectual environment of the University. Program majors are required to participate in artistic activities related to their area of concentration. The faculty works closely with individual students in their major area of specialization to develop a strong foundation of ideas, adept execution and advanced problem-solving skills.





Prospective first-year and transfer students in Dance should plan to attend the placement audition offered each semester. Students may contact the Director of Dance at for further information. Prospective Theatre students are encouraged to audition prior to enrollment, or to participate in the Theatre production program and lower-level courses in their first semesters, in preparation for the audition or portfolio review. Further information is available from any member of the Theatre faculty. For Music students, admission to performance ensembles is by audition. An audition is also required to enroll in Applied Music courses that offer private instruction.


The program is open to any Stockton student who is interested and skilled in the Performing Arts.  Matriculated students declare a major in the Performing Arts and select an area of concentration after a successful audition, interview or portfolio review. Audition/portfolio review occurs each semester in the Dance areas, and by individual appointment in the Theatre and Music areas. Interested students should contact the Performing Arts Program Coordinator for information and details about auditions, interviews and portfolio reviews.


Matriculated students who have not auditioned for the major and students without a portfolio are considered non-candidates for degree.


All Performing Arts students must participate in an audition, an interview, or a portfolio review before completing 24 credits of program courses.  Dance/Performance, Dance/Theatre Dance, Dance/Studio Operations and Theatre Performance require an audition, while Theatre Design/Production requires a portfolio review; an interview is required for Dance/Arts Administration, Dance/Pre-Movement Sciences or Theatre Management.  Music/Instrumental Studies and Music/Vocal Music Studies require an audition for placement purposes only.