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Here is a great opportunity to learn about Byzantium and the Orthodox Church from one of their best-known scholars while simultaneously helping our Hellenic studies students earn scholarships!  Proceeds from books ordered directly from us will go directly to the Friends of Hellenic Studies who provide the scholarships we offer and, among many other things, make it possible for them to go to Greece.

The following books on Christian Greek Orthodoxy, Christianity and its cultural and intellectual background, the History and the Ethos of Hellenism-ancient, byzantine and modern, written by the Rev. Professor Demetrios J Constantelos, Ph.D.,D.D., are highly recommended by specialists and non-specialists alike, They are ideal for Community Libraries, Church festivals, personal learning and enjoyment. Father Constantelos retired after fifty years of poimantike diakonia in the service of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and forty years as a professor of history and religion in several Colleges and Universities including Rutgers University, Hellenic College, Boston College and New York University. Currently he is the Charles Cooper Townsend Distinguished Professor Emeritus in History and Religion, and Distinguished Research Scholar in Residence at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Pomona, NJ. His writings include many scholarly papers, essays, reviews that have been published in more than forty journals, and in volumes of Oxford University Press, the Encyclopedia Britannica, the Cambridge University Press, The Encyclopedia of Religion, The Dictionary of the Middle Ages, Historical Writing, The following books are still available


1.       Understanding the Greek Orthodox Church, faith, history and practice, 1967, 4th edition 2005. Translated in Greek 1989

2.       Byzantine Philanthropy and Social welfare, 1968, 2nd ed. 1990. Translated in Greek. Second revised and enlarged edition of the Greek translation under the title Elleniki Efpoiia kai Ellonochristianiki Filanthropia apo tin Omirike Epoxi eos ton Byzantino Mesaiona. Published by Vanias Publishing Company, Athens and Thessaloniki, 2008

3.       Marriage, Sexuality and Celibacy; a Greek Orthodox Perspective, 1974, 2nd ed. 2001. Translated in Greek 1986, third Greek edition 2005

4.       Issues and Dialogues in the Orthodox Church since World War II, 1986

5.       Byzantine Heritage, in Greek, 1990

6.       Poverty, Society and Philanthropy in the Late Medieval Greek World, 1991, translated in Greek 1994

7.       Ethnic Identity and Religious Particularity of Modern Hellenism,  in Greek, 1993

8.       The Greeks; Their Heritage and Its Value Today, 1996, 2nd. 2006

9.       Christian Hellenism, 1998

10.   Christian Faith and Cultural Heritage, 2005

11.   Renewing the Church: The Significances of the Council in Trullo, 2006

12.   The Interrelationship between Hellenism and Christianity, in Greek, Published by The Etairia ton Philon tou Laou, Athens 2008

Every one of these books has received excellent reviews by professional theologians, historians, and book-review critics. A reviewer of Understanding the Greek Orthodox Church writes; “This book is a superb presentation of the faith, history and practice…that is comprehensible and readable…it should be in every library.” The book on Philanthropy is called “an eye opener,” “a pioneer book”, a book that “brought a revolution in Byzantine studies. “ Dr.Speros Vryonis, the Alexander S. Onassis Professor Emeritus of Hellenic Civilization and Culture at New York University, a highly accomplished and internationally respected scholar and author of ground breaking books on Byzantine history and civilization, sums up the scholarly opinion of Father Constantelos books as follows: “Constantelos’ books should be in every library and the priests should have them as required reading…he [Constantelos] has not only studied deeply the relations of Hellenism and Christianity but he is a living example and scholar of this mysterious union…endowed with high intelligence and a high morality…he has never compromised on moral and scholarly issues. He is an intellectual and moral adornment of the Greek Community”.       

The books that Dr. Constantelos has written (including his recently released
poetry collection) , and those he has edited, including twelve volumes of Archbishop Iakovos’ writings, can be purchased by contacting George Plamantouras at All proceeds will go to scholarships in Hellenic Studies.