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to my humble corner in the ICHS complex!  As the pieces of the website fell into place throughout early 2009, it was felt that the person behind it should say something about himself. I agreed on condition that only if and when the faculty and members of the Friends ever got around to getting their profiles in order, would I consider doing such a thing.  They have long since -mostly- kept their end of the bargain and I thought it time to shed a little light on the creature who minds the bells and hours here: myself.

Think of this page as an apotheke, a storeroom for images, ideas, random self-composed essays  and articles related to classics and the ICHS. 

                                     *     *     *

My association with the ICHS goes all the way back to its beginning, when I was a student at Stockton working on my first degree.  I had participated in all sorts of Friends events in many different capacities: dancer, singer, musician, and so on.  Somewhere along the way, I received a scholarship from the Friends as well. 

The ensuing years took me on a wild voyage through Japan and Greece - with even a brief stop at Bryn Mawr. I returned to find Stockton's little Hellenic Studies program had transformed into something almost unrecognizeable.  Endowed professorships, degree programs, fellowships and more.  Somewhere in all of that, I found a job and an office (with a big window) full of books, journals and maps. Add to them occasional visits by the two professors eremiti who used it as their base of operations and it becomes clear that my 'job' is really part of the continuing education of George Plamantouras. I've learned more in thirty minutes of filing in that office than I have in entire lectures.

So, what do I do here? Though I had no web-design experience prior to taking the job, it's really this site that will ultimately serve to showcase and chronicle everything the Center does.  My hands are in just about every project we have.  And, while I do have another job and am a full-time student-teacher, I teach a Modern Greek course for those who need it, twice a week.  Outside of the Center, occasionally tutor in Japanese and just completed a year as adjunct professor of Ancient Greek. I am working as a research assistant on two different projects, translating a film for an upcoming FHS event and a host of other things.

Somewhere, far above all of those things are my wife, daughter and one-year old son.