Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies

The Classical Humanities Society of South Jersey has come to the end of its 37th year! 

On September 26th, the season kicked off with an excellent lecture by CHS co-founder Fred Mench.  We scrambled to find more seats, as attendance was unexpectedly high. On October 24th, we were very excited to present Rowan University's Joshua Delpech-Ramey, who visited us a lecturer for the second time. We look forward to reading his new publication. On November 21st, the first half of the 2009-10 series came to an end with Rebecca Goldner's lecture on the new translation of the Aeneid. For a complete summary of the Fall 2009 series by CHS President Privitello,
please click here.

  The Classical Humanities Society returned on February 27th,  2010 with the first part of an exciting second half theme of  sexuality that will be remembered for a long time.  A summary of those three lectures can be found here. 
Our appreciation and affection go to all of our guests for the time and excellent lectures.

These pages sometimes (and from here on) feature media from some of the lectures. For audio (blue), powerpoint (yellow) and video clips (purple), please go to the media column and click on the part you would like.  For summaries, click anywhere on a red bar (if applicable).

Date Name Institution Lecture Media
9/26/2009 Fred Mench Stockton The Pygmalion Theme from Ovid to Lars and the Real Girl  or  
In Whose Image: Pygmalion and Galatea, Then & Now
10/24/2009 Joshua Delpech-Ramey Rowan Rumor Has It:  Plato’s Other Politics of Truth  
11/21/2009 Rebecca S. Goldner Villanova  A Woman's Game to Me  
2/27/2010 J. Eric Butler Villanova Aristotle and the Science of Sexuality  
3/20/2010 Fulvia Serra U Penn
4/24/2010 John M. Carvalho Villanova For the Love of Boys: Knowledge and Pleasure Among the Greeks Part 1 Part

John M. Carvalho for their excellent lectures.