2010 Participants

Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies

Istanbul 2010 Participants



 Professor Sacit Pekak of Hacetteppe University in Ankara, Turkey presented  a fascinating look the abadoned churches of Cappadocia and the problems identifying and finding modern-day uses for them. His paper was entitled, "Ottoman Period Churches of Cappadocia."

 In addition to hosting and organizing the symposium and co-writing Stones from God, Professor Tom Papademetriou presented a paper entitled, "The Greek Orthodox (Rum Ortodox) Religious Culture in Ottoman Kayseri.

 Professor Iosif Vivilakis of the University of Athens, in addition to editing and directing a staged reading of Auxentian Repentant, preseneted  a paper entitled, "Orthodoxy and Heresy, Drama and Humor in the Christian East of the Eighteenth Century."

 Dimitri Stamatopoulos of the University of Macedonia (right) delivered the opening paper: "The Case of Paisius, Metropolitan of Caesaria in the Context of the Interest Groups' Conflicts During the Post-Revolutionary Ecumenical Patriarchate's Life." 
   Filiz Yeneshehirlioglou of Bashkent University presented a fascinating paper on the "Common  Cultural Heritage Left from the Forced Exchange of Populations Between Greece and Turkey."
 Elcin Makar of Yildiz Teknik Universitesi delivered a paper entitled, "Protestant Missionary Activities and the Greeks of Asia Minor in the 19th Century to 1923."  He discussed Protestant attempts and subsequent failure to convert large numbers Greek and Armenian Christians. 
 Ishik University's Eva Aleksandru Sharlak gave an enlightening paper entitled, "Ottoman Period Church Architecture and Ornamentation in Istanbul." 
   Bruce Clark of The Economist talked about writing Twice a Stranger.  He spoke on the interviews of Turkish settlers from Greece from whom there is sadly little in the way of oral histories.  He talked about Turks who, in the nineties, finally opened up to talk about  their experiences in leaving Greece for new lives in Turkey.
   Princeton's Heath Lowery (left) presented a paper entitled "The Other Side of the Coin" which served as a counter-point to Professor Pekak's paper.  He talked about his research in Greece, looking for mosques left behind by Turks and showing us what became of some of the most notable. 
   Leticia Ramos and Lillian Hussong (left and right, respectively) of Stockton College made a join student presentation entitled, "English Travelers in Anatolia and Their Observations of Local Christians."
   Anna Ballian, Curator of the Benki Museum persented a paper entitled, "Christian Patronage in Ottoman Anatolia: Population Exchange and Church Relics."  She discussed the items brought by Anatolian Christians from their churches, where they originated, why and how they were brought and their status today.
   Nikiphoros Metaxas, producer and musical director of the group Bosphorus and director of the Heybeliada International Sound Center presented a stirring paper on "The Religious Musical Heritage of Anatolia."  Members of Bosphorus performed later that evening. 
  Ioanna Petropoulou of the Center for Asia Minor Studies presented her paper on "The Christian Heritage After the Exchange:  The Pilgrimage of Giorgos Seferis in Cappadocia(1950)."