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Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies

Past Events and Activities

The Friends of Hellenic Studies work to support the activities of the Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies as well as provide for scholarships, fellowships and study abroad activities.  What follows is a long but as yet incomplete catalogue of fundraisers, community outreach programs and events of the past decade.  Images and summaries of many of them can be found in The Hellenic Voice archive. This page will receive updates as more media and information become available and more links become active.

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 Not yet listed here are events from our early years, which featured mostly dinners and guest speakers including: 

Dr. Constantine Papadakis, President of Drexel (November 1996. Greek Science in the Hellenistic Age); Dr. George Ahtarides of the Presbyterian Hospital. (November 1997- Medicine in the Ancient Greek World);  Archbishop Iakovos (November 1998);  Dr. Robert Wright, Dean and Arceologist at Bryn Mawr College (November 1999).  

  Survival of the Fittest- Guest Lecturer: Peter Kokkinos
2011  All the Rage:Thinking about Christians under Muslim Rule- Guest Lecturer: Molly Greene
Summer Greek and Latin IV
  The Hellenic Voice (Issue XIII)
2010 From Olympus to Athos: Poetry Reading
Trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Marathon: 2500 Years
From the White House to Stockton: A Conversation with Mike Emanuel
Stones from God (Video available here)
Symposium in Istanbul
The Examined Life
Oral Histories of Greeks of Atlantic City
Summer Greek and Latin & Autumn Greek (new!)
The Hellenic Voice (Issue XII)
 2009 The Memoirs of General Makriyannis
Byron: Letters from Greece
The Hellenic Dancers of New Jersey
Summer Greek and Latin
The Hellenic Voice (Issue XI)
 2008 Symposium in Delphi   (Video available here)
The Examined Life
Summer Greek and Latin
Odysseus in Oceanville
The Hellenic Voice (Issue X)
 2007 Guest Speaker: Senator Paul Sarbanes
Sponsored Trip to Greece
Summer Greek and Latin
Fundraiser at Sophia's Restaurant
The Hellenic Voice (Issue IX)
 2006 Some Wine for Remembrance 
Metropolitan Evangelos Visit to Stockton
Greek-Americans of South Jersey Reunion
History Club Visit to Ellis Island
Aegean Dreams
A Celebration of the Life and Works of Edmund Keeley
Fundraiser at Sophia's Restaurant
The Examined Life
Summer Greek and Latin 
The Hellenic Voice (Issue VIII)
 2005 The Odyssey (stage production) (Video available here)
Films on Romaniote Jews
$55,000 grant awarded for The Examined Life
The Hellenic Voice (Issue VII)
The Hellenic Voice (Issue VI)
 2004 Greek Feast and Wine Symposium
Greek Poetry Night with Lili Bata and Manya Bean
Guest Speaker: Jeffery Eugenides
Olympic Spirit Art Show
The Apology of Socrates (stage production)
The Hellenic Voice (Issue V)
 2003 Paidea: Tribute to Demetrios J Constantelos 
Greek Women through the Ages with Lili Beta
Reception for Herman Saatkamp
The Hellenic Voice (Issue IV)
 2002 Fundraiser on the A.J. Meerwald
Visit of Archbishop Demetrios
Dr Demetri Constas (Sponsored by the Onassis Foundation and organized by the FHS)
The Hellenic Voice (Issue III)
 2001 Music, Myth, and Poetry (fundraiser)
The Hellenic Voice (Issue II)
The Hellenic Voice (Issue I)
2000 One Language - One Country by Grigoris Manikakis and Mikrokosmos Ensemble