2010 Reflections Allison

Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies
Allison Eisenberg


Allison is a Stockton senior who portrayed a Greek refugee in all performances of Stones from God. In the photo (right) she is standing in front of the charming Marit Halki Palace hotel.



stanbul will be my last memory from Stockton.  It was the most majestic and awe-inspiring place I believe I will ever go for the rest of my life.  Sunrise and sunset, which I saw several times over both the Bosphorus as well as the Aegean, was so beautiful, just thinking of it takes my breath away.  Before I even learned of Stones from God and that it would be traveling out of the country, I had heard of only wonderful things from others who have traveled to Turkey.  I can honestly say, no one lied to me. Turkey lived up to its word.  Each Turkish person I met was so welcoming and wanted to just talk.  In Istanbul, I was in a shop in the little bazaar by our hotel and I was invited in to have apple tea with the owner of the shop.  Since, I had learned before I went on the trip that not accepting the invitation would be rude, I quickly accepted.  He told me how badly he would love to travel to see America and show his children my home country.  I honestly had no real pressure to buy by him.  However, the Grand Bazaar is another story.



  I cannot thank everyone enough who supported and allowed this life changing trip to take place.  I traveled and performed internationally with Stockton to a place where the culture is so different from our own.  I learned so much more than I had expected on that great trip.  And I would like to add that since dining in Turkey, I have adopted a Mediterranean diet.  The food literally changed my life!



They had everything and anything anyone could want and each shop worker always claimed he could give you the best deal.  We spent four hours in the bazaar and I probably could have spent four more exploring.  My favorite moment that I remember from the trip is the day that everyone from the Symposium including the speakers as well as the cast traveled on the Bosphorus to another island where we were to visit the (Saint) George of the Bells monastery.  I had the best doner (chicken in pita with lettuce, tomato, tatziki and french fries) on that island.  We took a horse drawn carriage to the middle of the hill and from there, we had the option to take a donkey up or walk.  I chose the donkey because well, when will I ride a donkey up a hill in Turkey again?  It was beautiful.  I can still picture the clear water and rows of homes that we could see from the hill to the other side of the island.  Finally, we made it to the monastery where George was our impromptu tour guide.  The monk there gave us a bell as a gift to take home. The paintings were amazing and the fact that people still use it, was very moving to me.