Past Event- Poetry Reading

Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies


From Olympus to Athos - An Afternoon to Remember


The emotional impact and satisfaction of having read a well-written poem are enough to leave a permanent mark on any reader.  People have read poetry to get an ample dose of both for centuries upon centuries.  It is quite a different thing, however, to experience both by listening.  The whole experience is that much more precious when the words are delivered by the one who crafted them.  It is an effect one is largely unprepared for.  There is no comfortable barrier of distance, time, death to the to weaken the surge of emotions one feels as gently written and spoken words land carefully within the ear. 
It was a privledge to be present. It was an honor - a difficult one - to have been asked to read, under the careful and caring watch of the poet, who trusted me and others like me to deliver a few of his verses to which he could undoubtedly have given more air.

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