Marathon 2500

Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies

 Marathon: 2500 Years Later

On October 14th, Professor Katherine Panagakos gave the first of two presentations on the 2500th anniversary of the Battle of Marathon.  Nearly one hundred people attended the ICHS-sponsored event. 

Below is the talk in its entirety, as well as slides shown.  To facilitate downloads, the audio portion is presented here in four parts. While listening, you may click on any of the slide images below or browse the ICHS site. 

Please click here to download
the handout from the event.
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the Powerpoint presentation
You can also click on the slides below and follow as you listen.

Part 'Α (Listen now!)
Part 'Β  (Listen now!)
Part 'Γ  (coming soon)
Part 'Δ  (coming soon)