oral history interview

Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies

The Interview Process

Time limit of taped interview is 60-90 minutes (videotaped when possible)

Interviews will be conducted by Stockton students or Stockton affiliated individuals

Each participant in these projects will receive a CD or tape of his/her interview, and a copy of the transcript edited in accordance with the highest scholarly standards

Family and/or friends are welcome to be present during the interview, but cannot participate.

A consent form (consent to be recorded) must be signed before the interview is conducted as the information will be made public.

Diaries, journals, and photographs may be brought to the interview.


These oral histories will be carried out in accordance with the standards set by recognized scholars in the field. The CDs and transcripts will form part of the permanent archive and will be kept in the Stockton College Library. They will be available for consultation by scholars and may be used by the College in the production of print and media materials, including but not limited to websites, for education, scholarly, and promotional purposes.