oral histories sample questions

Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies

Sample Questions

Who were the immigrants in your family?

Recall how you (they) lived there.

When and where did you (they) arrive in the U.S.?

What was your (their) plan to support yourself (themselves) here?

What were you expected to learn about citizenship?

What were the ethnic backgrounds and customs of each of your parents?

Where did you go to school?

How did you choose your way of making a living?

What languages do you speak?

What Greek related customs and values do you think are important to preserve?

Describe your feelings of identity as an American.

Describe your feelings of identity in relation to Greece or to Greek culture.

Have you ever felt that you were discriminated against because of your Greek or ethnic heritage? If so, could you tell us about your experience(s)?

Do you feel your Greed heritage distinguished you in some way in your social interaction with people or other backgrounds?

What values from your Greek background would you like to pass on?

What values from American heritage would you pass on?

What is the nature of your religious affiliation?

In what way has it played a part in your life?