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Last chance to apply for this program is July 1 for this Fall 2015!

 Effective Fall 2015:  Due to low enrollment, the Substance Awareness Coordinator Certificate program was placed under review. This review process allows the University to better understand reasons for low enrollment and consider alternative strategies. In order to conduct a thorough review, Stockton University will not be accepting new applications and non-matriculated registration is not possible. 

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Stockton University is pleased to offer a graduate certificate program leading to the New Jersey Substance Awareness Coordinator (SAC) certification, a credential key to pre-K-12 school districts’ substance abuse prevention efforts. 


The SAC program consists of five 3-credit graduate courses, one 2-credit graduate course, one 1-credit graduate course, and a 3 credit practicum experience, for a total of 21 graduate credits (two of the 3-credit courses are interchangeable electives, depending on the student’s prior graduate transcript). This 21 credit graduate level program fulfills the requirements  for the New Jersey Substance Awareness Coordinator (SAC) certification / endorsement as per N.J.A.C. 6A:9-13.2 Substance Awareness Coordinator.

SAC Curriculum- 21 Credits
PSYC 5181 Fundamentals of Substance Abuse
PSYC 5182 Advanced Fundamentals of Substance Abuse

PSYC 5183 Substance Abuse: Individual and Family Counseling


PSYC 5185 Supervising Behavioral Health and Addiction Professionals

PSYC 5184 Substance Abuse Counseling and Referral in a School Setting
PSYC 5186 Prevention Planning, Coordination and Evaluation
PSYC 5187 Community Organization and Public Policy for Substance Abuse Prevention
PSYC 5188 Substance Abuse: Professional Responsibilities
EDUC 5989 Practicum in Substance Abuse Counseling
Click here for downloadable list of Brief Course Descriptions.

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Prerequisite Requirements

To be eligible to enroll in the Substance Awareness Coordinator Certificate Program, you must:

  • Hold a bachelor's or higher degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • Hold one of the following:

    1.  A valid New Jersey or out-of-state standard certificate as a school psychologist, school social worker, school counselor, director of school counseling services or school nurse; or

    2.  A valid Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor* credential issued by the New Jersey Alcohol and Drug Counselor Committee of the Marriage and Family Board; or

    3.  A valid Certified Prevention Specialist** credential issued by the Addiction Professional Certificate Board of New Jersey; or

    4.  A standard New Jersey or out-of-state instructional certificate; or

    5.  A master's or higher degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

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Features of the Stockton SAC program

The Stockton University SAC curriculum is also approved to fulfill the coursework requirements for a variety of other New Jersey Addictions Professionals credentials. Upon completion of the Stockton University NJ SAC certificate program, the student will have completed the coursework for:

  • Certified Prevention Specialist (CPS)

Depending on the student's prior graduate transcript, the student may be eligible to register for PSYC 5185 Supervising Behavioral Health and Addiction Professionals. Upon successful completion of this 3-credit graduate course, the student will have completed the coursework requirement for the:

  • Clinical Supervisor Certificate (CCS)

In addition, the SAC curriculum covers 156 of the 270 hours of required coursework toward the:

  • Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC)
  • Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC)

The remainder of the CADC and LCADC coursework is also available through Stockton University so that SAC students are easily able to complete the coursework requirement for either of these credentials.

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Apply today.  If you have further questions, Request More Information, view Frequently Asked Questions, or please call the Graduate Admissions Office at (609) 626-3640 or E-mail gradschool@stockton.edu.

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