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The Board of Advisors for the Fictional Rome website is a sounding board and a decision-making council. Members are appointed by the Director, the Website owner, and may be called upon by him or, in his absence, by either of the Associate Directors,. One of the Associate Directors will from Richard Stockton College in order to provide a continuing link between the college and the site. At least one of the Associate Directors will be a classicist or ancient historian whose competence includes Roman history and who has an on-going interest in historical novels.

If a member of the Board of Advisors is recommended by the American Classical League, that person will serve as a link between the ACL and the Website, keeping both informed of major developments on either side.

The other 3-4 members of the Board of Advisors will be people who have contributed ideas, reviews, criticisms and information to the site and normally will be professionally involved with classics or with historical fiction, including but not limited to teachers or classics, ancient history or Latin, on the secondary or college level, or writers or critics of historical fiction. Both Associate Directors are, ex-officio, members of the Board. If there is an ongoing student worker managing the site, that student is automatically a member.

The Director will consult the Board on policy questions about site appearance/function and content, and will be guided by their opinions. Board members will be expected to keep actively involved in the workings of the site, including contributing material to the site or reviewing material submitted to it by other people.

Director and Site Owner

 Fred Mench
Professor of Classics
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Pomona, NJ 

Associate Directors:

 Thomas H. Watkins
Professor of History
Western Illinois Univ.
Macomb, IL

 Ippokratis Kantzios
Assistant Professor of Greek,
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Pomona, NJ 

Members of the Board

 Ruth Breindel
Moses Brown School
Providence, RI

 Rosalind (Roz) Harper
Magistra Emerita
Los Angeles, CA

 James Hawking
Associate Professor of Reading
Chicago State University


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