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The following sites are worth your attention:

Historical Novel Society
The Society, founded by Richard Lee in 1997 to promote historical fiction, publishes twice-annually Solander and HNS Review. The magazines and the web site both survey a full range of historical fiction, but their search engine allows you to look at just Roman material if you prefer. Good supplementary information (including interviews) and essays.

Stefan Cramme (Germany)
Complete listing of Roman novels and short stories in many languages.  Easy to search.

The Detective and the Toga: Rick Heli (US)
Excellently designed and filled out site for mystery novels and short stories set in ancient Rome.

Soon's Historical Fiction Site (for historical ficton in general)

The Roman History Reading Group
An active discussion of popular Roman Fiction.

The VRoma Project
"A series of web pages on Roman history and civilization that teachers and students may find useful", developed by Barbara F. McManus, Professor of Classics, College of New Rochelle

Classics 96: Roman Murder Mysteries Summer 1997
A great Historical Fiction resource developed by Barbara Saylor Rodgers at the University of Vermont.

Lacus Curtius
A treasure of information, including Thayer's own sites, with excellent pictures and complete texts of many Latin & Greek works and important books on Roman topics, plus links to other worthwhile sites, described briefly by Thayer.

For reviews of various mysteries, including Roman, see their Mystery Guide.

The Mining Co.
A great guide to Ancient/Classical History.

Roman Daily Life
An excellent topical site from the University of Vermont Classics Department. A good place to go if you want capsule information on topics from Architecture or Athletics through Wine, Writing or Women, each of which also has links off to further material.

De Imperatoribus Romanis: An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
An excellent source for non-fictional biographies of Roman emperors, from Julius Caesar through Byzantine. And it now has a complete set of maps, numerous battle plans and coin portraits as well. Biographies are still in process of completion, but many are there already.

Steven Saylor
Not only a comprehensive and well-designed Saylor site, including reviews and the like for the Roma Sub Rosa (Godianus) series, but also a collection of useful mystery and historical mystery links.

Morgan Llywelyn's Official Website
The complete site for everything Morgan, sanctioned by Morgan herself as her Official webpage.

For 1-12 school teachers who want sites that include lesson plans, you will find material on ancient history here.

Historical Mystery Appreciation Society
For historical mysteries, not just ancient ones, here is a useful, well-designed and very extensive site.

Historical Novels 3500 B.C.-A.D. 1000: A Current Guide. (by C.B. Rykken)
New as of July 2001. An ambitious and wide-ranging site, not only for Roman novels but for other ancient novels as well (each area with its own section). Rykken describes it as "a bibliography-with-synopses of novels in pring (in English, in theUSA) about the ancient world and the early Middle Ages." So this is where you might go to find what's readily available right now.

If you are interested in Fictional Ancient Greece, check out the following sites from Nick Lowe:

Ancient Greece in Fiction

Ancient Greece in the Cinema

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