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First Time Users

Welcome to Fictional Rome!

As you can see on the HOME PAGE, there are various options open to you when you come here.

To find a historical novel about Julius Caesar or one written by Steven Saylor or all those written in 1944, go into the database (SEARCH), the heart of the site, fill in the search form, and pull up a title or titles that match your interest.

To find more about a specific title, go into our review section (AUTHORS), accessed alphabetically by author, and see if there is a review of that title, either on this site or via a link out to another web site where the review resides.

To find out, while reading a review on our site, more about historical characters mentioned in the review, click on any highlighted name to link to a page highlighting that particular figure (HISTORICAL FIGURES). There you will find a brief biography, links to other sites, and a list of the novels they appear in.

To find out more about an author, click the link to a web site for that author which we will have provided, if we know of one. (Just look at the very bottom of the author's page for the link.)

To find more on the nature of historical novels, what they attempt to do, or how they might be used in a classroom, go into the ESSAYS section and read author comments or scholarly treatments of the genre.

To engage in a general discussion about a topic related to historical novels or ask questions of a wide audience, use the BULLETIN BOARD section. To privately comment or ask a question, e-mail Fred Mench from the link provided or go to the FEEDBACK section and fill out the form. We are always interested in correcting and adding to the information at the site.

To look at other sites that deal with historical novels or ancient Roman history or life, LINKS will provide you with easy access to a wealth of material on the internet.

Any time you come to the site, you can check on what has changed by clicking WHAT'S NEW. For a fuller rationale for this site, see our PURPOSE STATEMENT.

If you are looking for other materials on Historical Novels, see our list of USEFUL REFERENCE WORKS.

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For Comments or questions regarding this web site, contact Fred Mench