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Jack Lindsay


Barriers are Down, The : A Tale of the Collapse of a Civilisation
Gollancz, 1945

Brief Light: A Novel of Catullus
Methuen, 1939

Caesar is Dead
N & W, 1934

Come Home at Last
Nicholson & Watson, 1936

Despoiling Venus
Nicholson & Watson, 1935

Hannibal Takes a Hand
Dakers, 1941

Last Days with Cleopatra
Nicholson & Watson, 1935

Rome for Sale
Harper, 1934

Oxford UP, 1935

Thunder Underground: A Story of Nero's Rome
Muller, 1965

To Arms! A Story of Ancient Gaul
Oxford UP, 1938

Writing on the Wall, The : An Account of Pompeii in its Last Days
Muller, 1960

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