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John Mason Neale


Daughters of Pola, The : Family letters Relating to the Persecution of Diocletian
?, 1861

Egyptian Wanderers, The: a Story for Children of the Great Tenth Persecution
Joseph Masters, 1854

Exiles of the Cebenna, The : A Journal Written During the Decian Persecutions, by Aurelius Gratianus
Parker, 1859

Farm of Aptonga , The: a story for children of the times of S. Cyprian
Pitsligo, 1856

Lucia's Marriage; or, the Lions of Wada-Araba
John Henry & James Parker, 1871


Quay of the Dioscuri, The: A History of Nicene Times. Written in Greek, by Marcarius, merchant of Tunnies ...
J. Henry and J. Parker, 1859

Tales Illustrative of the Apostles' Creed
Joseph Masters, 1872

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