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Note: The reviews at this site come from a variety of sources (published and unpublished) and do not necessarily represent the critical or historical opinions of the Website itself (or of Fred Mench himself). We will be happy to include, or link to, informed, literate, civil, short reviews from any readers, including reviews that take contrary stands to others already on the site. All reviews must be signed and at least an e-mail address provided. Readers who prefer to use the discussion areas to argue over books are welcome to do so.

Also: No one at this site derives any financial benefit from links to Amazon.com or any other commercial site. When included, links to those sites are to provide users with reviews or book availability information.

New Reviews are posted here.

= an author page that contains at least one review or summary of a novel by this author.

= a link to a bookstore site that checks availability. (These appear on individual author pages).

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Mabie, Mary Louise
MacClure, Victor
MacDowall, Cameron Joseph F. S.
Machado, Mary
Mack, Elsie
Mackay, Marjorie Gordon
MacKie, Mary
Madden, Harry Ellis
Mahan, William Dennes
Mahler, Helen A.
Maier, Paul
Mailer, Norman
Makepeace, Joanna
Makepeace (ps), Joanna
Malek, Doreen Owens
Malinski, Mieczslaw
Malouf, David
Malvern, Gladys
Mandino, Og
Manfredi, Valerio Massimo
Mann, Deborah
Mann, Phillip
Mann, Stephen Stafford
Mann (ps), Deborah
Mannix, Daniel Pratt
Marshall, Edison
Marshall, Emma (Martin)
Marston, William M
Martin, Donis & Gladys
Martin, James
Mary Cornelius, Sister
Masefield, John
Mason, Alfred Edward Woodley
Mason, Anita
Mason, Caroline
Mason, Caroline (Atwater)
Mason, F(rancis) van Wyck
Mason (ps), Ernst
Massie, Allan
Matthews (pseud), Kevin
Mattingly, Marion
Maugham, Robin
Maurice, C Edmund
Maxwell, Sir Herbert Eustace
Mayrant (ps.), Drayton
McCrossen, Vincent A.
McCullough, Colleen
McDonald, Eva Rose
McElrath, William N.
McGehee, Michael
McGerr, Patricia
McGowen, Drusilla
McNarie, Alan D[ecker]
McNaughton, David
Meisels, Andrew
Merchant, [William] Moelwyn
Mercier, Anne (Mrs. Jerome)
Meredith, Richard C.
Merezhkovsky, Dmitri
Merrell (pseud), Leigh
Mertes, Jack
Merwin, Samuel Jr
Meyer, Gabriel
Meynell, Laurence Walter
Michael, Arnold
Michener, James A[lbert]
Midwood, Barton
Miklowitz, Gloria D
Miller, Calvin
Miller, Donald G.
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Elizabeth C
Miller, Rex
Mills, James R.
Minear, Paul Sevier
Mitchell , James Leslie
Mitchell, Kirk
Mitchison, Naomi
Mitchison, Naomi (Margaret)
Modlin, Charles A.
Monhollon, Michael L
Monro, Edward [M.?]
Monteilheit, Hubert
Moorcock, Michael
Moore, George
Moore, Thomas
Mor, Caiseal
Morgan, John
Morrill, Belle Chapman
Mosley, Jean
Mosley, Nicholas
Mouldy (ps), Malachi
Muir, Augustus
Mundy (ps), Talbot
Munn, H Warner
Muriel, John St. Clair
Murphy, Edward (Fr.)
Murphy, Edward Francis
Murphy, Walter F.
Murray, David Christie
Murray, David Leslie
Murray, Sara Van Alen
Mygatt, Tracy

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