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Note: The reviews at this site come from a variety of sources (published and unpublished) and do not necessarily represent the critical or historical opinions of the Website itself (or of Fred Mench himself). We will be happy to include, or link to, informed, literate, civil, short reviews from any readers, including reviews that take contrary stands to others already on the site. All reviews must be signed and at least an e-mail address provided. Readers who prefer to use the discussion areas to argue over books are welcome to do so.

Also: No one at this site derives any financial benefit from links to Amazon.com or any other commercial site. When included, links to those sites are to provide users with reviews or book availability information.

New Reviews are posted here.

= an author page that contains at least one review or summary of a novel by this author.

= a link to a bookstore site that checks availability. (These appear on individual author pages).

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Sackler, Harry
Saddler, Barry
Sagon (ps?), Amyot
Saltus, Edgar [Evertson]
Samuel, Maurice
Sanders, J[ack] H[oward]
Saphire, Saul
Sapir, Richard Ben
Saramago, Jose
Sargent, H[enry] B.
Saul, Martin
Saunders, W. J.
Savery, Constance Winifred
Saylor, Carol
Saylor, Steven
Scarrow, Simon
Scharlemann, Dorothy
Schele De Vere, M[aximilian]
Schmidt, Joel
Schmitt, Gladys
Schneider, Isidor
Schoch, William Franklin
Schofield, Guy
Schofield, William G.
Schreiber, Harvey K.
Schurfranz, Vivian
Schurz, Edouard
Schuyler, William
Schwartz, Howard
Schweitzer, Darrell
Scotland (ps), Jay
Scott, Barbara
Scott, John
Scott, Manda
Scott, Melissa
Seaby, Allen William
Sears, Edmund Hamilton
Seavy, Marquita
Sedgwick, Sidney Newman
Seeger, Martin L.
Segal, Brenda Lesly
Sells, A. Lytton
Senior, Dorothy
Seredy, Kate
Seton, Anya
Seward, Florence
Shastid, Thomas Hall
Sheckley, Robert
Sheean, Vincent
Sheppard, Alfred Tressider
Sherren, Wilkinson
Shields, W[illiam] Bayard
Shipway, George
Shirrels, Gordon
Shore, Maxine
Shrader, Wesley
Shugert, Fanny Alricks
Shwartz, Susan
Sidney (ps), William
Siegel, Benjamin
Sienkiewicz, Henry
Silverberg, Robert
Simon, Edith
Sinclair, James
Sinclair (ps), James
Slaughter, Carolyn
Slaughter, Frank Gill
Small, Bertrice
Smith, E. M.
Smith, George Alexander
Smith, Herbert Francis
Smith, Horace
Smith, Mary C.
Smithson, Jean
Snedeker, Caroline
Snyder, James D.
Solon, Gregory
Somtow (ps), S. P.
Southworth, John Van Duyn
Speare, Elizabeth
Spears, W. H.
Spencer, Edith T
Spicehandler, Daniel
Spiers, Augustus
Sprague, Rosemary
Spurrell, Herbert
St. John, Patricia M[ary]
Stableford, Brian
Stafford, L Betty
Stanford, Jane Kimberley
Staples [James Sinclair] (ps), R. T.
Steedman, Marguerite
Steen, John Warren
Steinberg, Milton
Stephens, Joseph
Stevens, R. L.
Stevenson, Robin & Bruce
Stewart, John
Stewart, Kay
Stirling, Franice Carney
Stoddard, Sandol
Storey, Anthony
Strickland, Jane Margaret
Stuart, Augusta Amelia
Stuart, Dorothy Margaret
Stuart, Frank
Sudworth, Gwynedd
Sullivan, Alan
Sullivan, Richard
Sutcliff, Rosemary
Sutphen, [William Gilbert] van Tassel
Swan, John Gilmour
Swann, Thomas Burnett
Sylva (ps), Carmen

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